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  • You are going to receive tips through Danki’s digital tip jar! Quick and easy!
  • Below is all the information you need.

How easy does the digital tip jar work?

Super easy! It works in three steps:

Step 1

Customers scan the Danki QR code and pay via their own banking app. The tips received
are collected in the Danki digital tip jar.

Step 2

The tip boss distributes the proceeds of the tip jar among the employees. Through
give everyone an equal amount or divide by hours worked.

Step 3

Divide the tip by the hours worked or give everyone an equal amount Simple and good!

What you need to once?

To receive the tip in your account, you must have a My Danki account. You will receive an invitation email from Danki the moment the Tipping Boss invites you to the tip jar. Click on the link and create a Danki account if you don’t already have one. Securely link your bank account to your Danki account. You’re ready to receive tips.

questions and answers

Who is the tip boss?

A person appointed to the team, this can be a manager but also someone on the team who is good with numbers.

Can I see how much tip we collected?

The tip boss can see this online by desired period, feel free to ask him!

What payment methods can the customer use to pay?

Currently, one can pay by Ideal, Bancontact & credit card. Many payment methods will soon be added.

Do I also get cash tips?

Often yes, Danki makes sure you can receive tips if one does not have cash with them. In practice, the Danki QR code also proves to be a trigger for those with cash to tip. By arrangement, cash tips received will be deposited in the Danki tip jar or distributed separately.

Do I have to report the income on my tax return?

Yes, unfortunately so But think of it like this; better to receive tips in an official way, than to receive no tip. Check the tax authority website for more information.

What is the benefit of a digital tip jar?

The digital tip jar allows you to receive tips when someone doesn’t have cash on them, its easier to distribute tips fairly, keeps tips out of the ocompany administration, it’s
always transparant and you get the recognition you deserve.

Where can I see how much I have already received?

Log in on and check your account to see your earnings.

I work in two locations, can I receive tips from both tip jars?

Yes, you certainly can!

Ik ontvang geen uitnodigingsemail van Danki met een link!

Oh no, how unlucky. Check to make sure the tip boss typed in your email address correctly and check your SPAM folder. Didn’t succeed yet? Contact Danki and we will be happy to help you.

How long will it take for the tip to reach my account?

After the tip boss distributes the tip in his digital portal, it takes a max of 7 business days for the money to appear in your account.

Where can I ask questions?

At Danki! Mail us at or call 020-808 6274

Do you have another question? Or are you running into something?

Contact Danki, call 020-8086274 or e-mail to

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